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Redwood City Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is lighting installed directly into the ceiling, wall, or even the ground if needed. Its minimalist appearance and multi-functionality have made it a popular lighting option for homeowners in recent times.

Why Is Recessed Lighting Easy To Love

Recessed lighting’s growing popularity is for good reasons. There are several factors that make this lighting the go-to option for many:

  • Multi-functionality: Recessed lighting can be used to serve a variety of purposes be it general lighting, highlighting, or even for decorative landscaping.
  • Coverage: Recessed lighting offers a much larger coverage area, with the unique ability to uniformly light up a room, including the darkest corners.
  • Variety of Styles: Contrary to popular belief, recessed lighting is not always designed to completely blend into the decor. If wanted, there are several decorative, bold styles of recessed lighting that can be used to make a strong style statement.
  • Minimalist Design: Ultimately, recessed lighting is carved into the ceiling, taking up very little visual space in the room, thereby helping a small room feel and appear bigger.
  • Safer and Easy-to-Maintain: The casing of the recessed lighting makes it a safer lighting option, particularly for homes with little children where accidents are more likely. Additionally, the casing also protects the light inside from gathering dust, which means the light doesn’t need to be cleaned too often.

How To Choose The Right Recessed Lighting For You

Once you know that recessed lighting is the option for you, it is important to know that to get the desired effect, you need to make sure you choose the right recessed light. There are several factors to consider when choosing recessed lighting which is right for your space:

  • Selecting the Housing: The housing of recessed lighting comprises the bulk of the fixture and is hidden within the ceiling/wall/ground. There is a housing structure more suited for homes that are being built for the first time; there is a housing structure better suited to homes being remodeled and the lights are being upgraded; and finally, there is a retrofit housing structure of recessed lighting, which is the most economic option.
  • Placement: Once you have decided on the type of housing structure you will go with, you need to decide on the placement of these lights. This will be hugely contingent upon the purpose of your lighting. If you are looking for general lighting, make sure to use your lights spaced at an optimal distance so you get the most out of your recessed lighting. If, however, you are looking to spotlight an item then placing your light at a 30-degree angle to prevent glare issues will deliver the best results.
  • Choosing the Trim: Once you know where your lights are going, it is time to select the trim. Which type of trim you choose will depend on your aesthetic preference and desired look. For example, a flangeless trim is a perfect choice if you want your light to blend in with the decor while those who want their lighting to be more prominent are better off with a flanged trim. Similarly, for those with a contemporary style of decor, a square trim will add value to their style while those looking for a more classic vibe might find the circular trim more to their liking. There are additional trim features to consider and which ones you go with will depend on where your recessed lighting is going. For example, for wet areas, you might want to choose wet location trims while adjustable trims are perfect for sloped ceilings or for creating the washed wall effect.
  • Selecting the Lamp: Lamps are typically sold separately from the housing and trim. The most popular bulb option for the lamps has been LEDs, which often come integrated into the lamp. However, there are non-LED options on the market too. There are several different lamp shapes to choose from with the A lamp shape being the most popular choice.

Choosing The Right Configuration

Once you have settled on the type of recessed lighting to use, you need to decide on how many lights to use in the area. Depending on the room and its size, the requirements will change. A living room, for example, typically needs a low level of ambiance and needs a cozy setting while a kitchen needs a higher level of ambiance and a sharper vibe. Accordingly, the shade, the power, and even the preferred trims of recessed lighting will change. So, for an ideal configuration, it is of the essence to know where you need your light, the purpose it needs to serve, and your personal style. It is a combination of all these numerous factors that will help you get the best recessed lighting solution for your space. And once you get the right one, you will never regret choosing recessed lighting for brightening up your space. The Violet Ray Electric team is experts at helping you configure and install recessed lighting. Give us a call today to learn how we put some light in your new or remodeled home.
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