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Redwood City Electrical Panel Upgrade

The electrical panel is the backbone of your home or business’s electrical system. If your electric panel is old and not updated to today’s electrical standards, it may not be able to withstand emergencies or a power surge. A faulty panel can also cause a fire, which could lead to injuries and property damage that you want to avoid. The best way to protect yourself from these risks is to consider an electrical panel upgrade before anything goes wrong.

How an Electrical Panel Works

An electrical panel is a device that distributes power from the main service panel to the fixtures and circuit breakers that power home electrical systems. 

Your electrical panel, sometimes called a breaker box, distributes power from the main service panel and is responsible for powering your lights, TV, oven, washer and dryer – just about everything in your house or business with electricity! 

It has metal covers that protect the interior from elements and accidental contact. Safety switches at the top of the box detect any abnormal current, open the circuit to the electrical panel, and then stop the flow of electricity to the box. The metal covers are screwed on to prevent them from being removed, and their screws are locked in place by a threaded metal collar.

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Replacement

Rusted Electrical Components

Even though electrical components are supposed to last a long time, oxidation can cause them to rust. This happens over time and is a form of corrosion that occurs when a material reacts with oxygen.  How quickly the material oxidizes is determined by its composition. For example, aluminum oxidizes quickly, while steel oxidizes more slowly — for the sake of comparison, stainless steel has a very low tendency to oxidize.

Damage to the electrical panel can be dangerous, so a non-functional electrical panel should be replaced. Excessive rust on the electrical panel could mean water damage from a leak somewhere in your home.

Underpowered Electrical Panels

As a homeowner or business owner, you know how it feels to get power back after a storm or even after a simple power outage. You’re thankful for the lights, the television, the refrigerator, the air conditioner—it’s hard to live without it!

But, what you might not know is that you are potentially putting your life at risk every day by having an underpowered electrical panel. You could be losing money too. Don’t think that just because you’re using a surge protector means that the power is safe for your home or business. It’s not! Electrical panels are rated in amps and if yours is lower than what’s required, then it can cause fires and even death. That’s why we recommend getting a professional electrician like Violet Ray Electric  to come out and assess your electrical needs before anything else happens!

Circuit Breakers That Trip Constantly

A circuit breaker’s main function is to protect us from electrical dangers, such as short circuits, overload, and ground faults. But sometimes, the circuit breakers are the reason for the overloading situation. In fact, circuit breakers can trip for many reasons, including mechanical failure, electrical overload, and thermal overload. Thermal overload is one of the main factors for tripping the circuit breakers. It can be caused by a bad connector and high outside temperature.

Have you ever had your circuit breakers trip for no apparent reason? If so, and it’s been happening more often than not, then there is a good chance that the problem lies with your electrical system.

The most common cause of circuit breakers tripping is a poor connection. The fix for this problem is to simply tighten the connections on your wires that are loose and make sure everything is tight before you turn it back on.

If tightening up those connections doesn’t solve the problem, then there may be an issue with how your breaker is installed. If the wire that hooks up to your circuit breaker has been damaged or if there’s a problem with how it was hooked in, this could be what’s causing all of these trips and surges for no apparent reason.

Burned Areas in the Panel

If you notice a burned area, smell burning or the electrical panel is emitting a strange odor, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

This is usually caused by a wire shorting between two contacts or a component shorting out.

If this is the case it is prudent to replace the panel quickly.  This will head off any major damage to appliances and even prevent a disastrous fire . But delay your panel replacement, even by just a few days, and you may find yourself having to replace some or all of your appliances if the damage done by the fire is too severe.

Breakers Not Working Properly

If you have ever owned a home, you have probably dealt with a breaker that doesn’t work properly. While they all seem like they are doing their job, it is easy to see that they aren’t. Keep in mind that these breakers are not just for safety; they are also a convenience.

If you are experiencing a power outage, flickering lights, or notice your electrical panel is making weird noises then it may be time to replace your electrical panel. A faulty electrical panel can cause serious damage to wiring and electric components in the home. Here are 7 signs that indicate it’s time for an upgrade:

1) The breaker trips constantly

2) Lights flicker when the breaker is off

3) Circuit breakers have been tripped by mistake on other circuits

4) Furnace does not work when all breakers are off

5) Electrical panels make unusual noises at times

6) There has been an unexplained fire in the home recently, even with no electricity being used at the time

Should I Get a New One or Go With an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Turning on the lights in your home should make you feel safe and secure, but if your electrical panel is more than a few years old, you may be at risk of an electrical fire. You should purchase new panels as your older electrical panels may not have the most up-to-date safety features and could be more prone to function failure and electrical fire in the future.

On the other hand, these panels are costly to replace, and the cost of repairs, especially when you factor in the electrician’s time, is usually much less than the cost of a new panel. When you factor in the electrical safety issue, it’s usually in your best interest to have the aging electrical panel replaced for a newer design.

Can I Upgrade My Electrical Panel Myself?

If you are thinking about upgrading your electrical panel, your best bet is hire an electrician who can help you with this complicated job. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that they can do it themselves, but this is a dangerous assumption.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, approximately 24,000 electrical fires are reported each year and electrical fires accounted for 6.3% of all residential fires.

This points to an important lesson: anyone who is considering upgrading their electrical panel should hire a professional to do the job.

Finding the Right Electrician for the Job

It’s never a good idea to risk your family’s safety with outdated and unsafe wiring. Get protection from power surges, electrical fire, and other electrical emergencies by having the professionals at Violet Ray Electric take a look at your current system.

Our staff is specially trained in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems in homes and businesses. Give us a call today.

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